Teatro Latino, Primitivo Puglia IGP 2016

House: Teatro Latino Name: Primitivo Origin: Puglia, Italy Vintage: 2016 Price: 60 DKK/8 EUR/10 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 115 DKK/15,40 EUR/19,10 USD)   Puglia as wine region In the remote farming region of Puglia, located on the heel of Italy’s boot, exists a thousand-year-old wine culture that began when the Greeks planted vines from [...]

Tenuta Fionia, Occhio Verde Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi 2014

House: Tenuta Fionia Name: Occhio Verde Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Origin: Marche, Italy Vintage: 2014 Price: 81 DKK/10,90 EUR/13,40 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 155 DKK/20,80 EUR/25,60 USD)   Marche as a wine region Le Marche is located on the east coast of central Italy. It is often considered to be a hidden gem [...]

Serego Alighieri, Possessioni Rosso 2015

House: Serego Alighieri (produced by Masi) Name: Possessioni Rosso Origin: Veneto, Italy Vintage: 2015 Price: 60 DKK/8 EUR/10 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 119 DKK/16 EUR/19,80 USD)   One of the most difficult regions in Italy Even though Veneto does not get the recognition of regions such as Tuscany or Priedmont, it is still home [...]

Pecchenino, Barolo “San Giuseppe” DOCG 2013

House: Pecchenino Name: Barolo "San Giuseppe" DOCG Origin: Piemonte, Italy Vintage: 2013 Price: 178 DKK/23,90 EUR/29,40 USD on winefamly.dk (market price:295 DKK/39,70 EUR/48,70 USD)   Piemonte as a wine region Piemonte is the second most famous wine region in Italy, right after Tuscany. Being home to the Po river, it houses 1/3 of the Italian population [...]

Marchesato Degli Aleramici, Brunello di Montalcino, 2012

House: Marchesato Degli Aleramici Name: Brunello di Montalcino Origin: Tuscany, Italy Vintage: 2012 Price: 191 DKK/25,70 EUR/32 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 379 DKK/51 EUR/63,40 USD)   Tuscany as a wine region Another (premium) staple of Italian wine industry is Brunello di Montalcino which comes from picturesque region of Tuscany. Capital of Tuscany is no [...]

Fuedo Italia, Amarone della Valpolicella, 2014

House: Fuedo Italia Name: Amarone della Valpolicella Origin: Veneto, Italy Vintage: 2014 Price: 124 DKK/16,70 EUR/20,70 USD on winefamly.dk (market price 245 DKK/32,90 EUR/40,80 USD)   Veneto as a wine region Veneto is increasingly important region located in Northeastern Italy. As the name suggests, the capital of this region is beautiful Venice. However, as the [...]