Domaine Rois Mages, Rully “Plante Moraine” Privilège 2014 Blanc

House: Domaine Rois Mages Name: Rully "Plante Moraine" Origin: Burdgundy, France Vintage: 2014 Price: 104 DKK/14 EUR/17,30 USD on (market price: 179 DKK/24 EUR/29,80 USD)   Sub-regions of Burgundy Besides individual villages, Burgundy is divided into 5 major regions: Chablis - this regions is know solely for their Chardonnay. Name of this region has [...]


Johann Topf, Chardonnay Hasel 2015

House: Johann Topf Name: Chardonnay Hasel Origin: Kamptal, Austria Vintage: 2015 Price: 144 DKK/19,30 EUR/23,80 USD on (market price: 269 DKK/36,10 EUR/44,50 USD)   Eiswein - Ice wine Today I will be looking at the specialties that Austrian wine industry has to offer. First of them is Eiswein. Simply put, eiswein is a wine [...]

Raoul Gautherin & Fils, Chablis Vielle Vigne, 2015

House: Raoul Gautherin & Fils Name: Chablis, Vielle Vigne Origin: Burgundy, France Vintage: 2015 Price: 114 DKK/15,30 EUR/19 USD on (market price 209 DKK/28,10/34,80 USD)   Chablis as a wine region Chablis is also one of the most notorious regions in the world. It is part of the larger Burgundy region which is located [...]