Welcome to my wine blog!


Let me introduce myself. My name is Martin, born in ’91, I come from Slovakia but I live in Copenhagen, Denmark for some time now. I work in hospitality industry since 15 years of age and gained interest in wine when I was 18. I went through basic sommelier course, went to several wine festivals and visited several winemakers in my home country. After I moved to Denmark, I started working in Restaurant l’Alsace which provided me with opportunity to learn about wine even more than before.


I have decided to start this blog to share my wine tasting experiences (mostly from the comfort of my home), give you some more information about wine industry, regions, wine making etc. I don´t have any formal education in any wine industry related field, I am just a wine enthusiast.


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DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored content by winefamly, I do not receive any compensation from them. I just present as one of the channels to get good wine for great price.