Raoul Gautherin & Fils, Chablis Vielle Vigne, 2015

House: Raoul Gautherin & Fils Name: Chablis, Vielle Vigne Origin: Burgundy, France Vintage: 2015 Price: 114 DKK/15,30 EUR/19 USD on winefamly.dk (market price 209 DKK/28,10/34,80 USD)   Chablis as a wine region Chablis is also one of the most notorious regions in the world. It is part of the larger Burgundy region which is located [...]


Champagne Brimoncourt, Blanc de Blancs, Brut

House: Brimoncourt Name: Champagne, Blanc de Blancs Origin: Champagne, France Vintage: non-vintage Price: 166 DKK/22,30 EUR/27,70 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 459 DKK/61,70/76,70 USD)   Champagne as a wine region Champagne is probably one of the most famous wine regions in the world. It is located in the norther France. Capitals of Champagne are cities [...]

Chateau La Rose Bellevue, Bordeaux Blanc, 2016

House: Chateau La Rose Bellevue Name: Bordeaux Blanc Origin: Bordeaux, France Vintage: 2016 Price: 52 DKK/7 EUR/8,70 USD on winefamly.dk (market price 89 DKK/12 EUR/14,90 USD)   Bordeaux as a wine region Bordeaux is located in the south-western part of France around shores of river Garonne. It is divided into over 50 different micro-regions called [...]

Rolly Gassmann, Terroir des Chateaux Forts, 2015

House: Rolly Gassmann Name: Terroir des Chateaux Forts Origin: Alsace, France Vintage: 2015 Price: 99 DKK/13,30 EUR/16,30 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 195 DKK/26,20 EUR/32,10 USD)   Alsace as a wine region Alsace is located in the north-eastern part of France, bordering with Germany. The influence of German proximity is very obvious in the names [...]