Teatro Latino, Primitivo Puglia IGP 2016

House: Teatro Latino

Name: Primitivo

Origin: Puglia, Italy

Vintage: 2016

Price: 60 DKK/8 EUR/10 USD on winefamly.dk (market price: 115 DKK/15,40 EUR/19,10 USD)


Puglia as wine region

In the remote farming region of Puglia, located on the heel of Italy’s boot, exists a thousand-year-old wine culture that began when the Greeks planted vines from their land across the Adriatic Sea. Despite being a prominent agricultural region with a winemaking heritage since the 7th century, very few people, even in the business, are aware of Puglian wine. Thanks to the local wine community in conjunction with the region’s major producers, things are beginning to change.

If you want fruit-forward, ripe, red wine for a good price, look no further than Puglia. Some of the best values in Italian wine come from this sunny, dry region. Most Puglia wine is red, full-bodied and will pair well with a wide variety of foods. Producers in Puglia have focused on making great red wines and local grapes like Negroamaro, Primitivo, and Bombino Nero.


Negoamaro, which in Italian means “black bitter” is used for production of Salice Salentino grape. Dry red wine made from Negroamaro has flavors of ripe plum, baked raspberries, and spice-cabinet notes like anise, allspice and cinnamon.

Primitivo tastes of dark fruit like fresh figs, blueberries and baked blackberries. There’s a distinct dried fruit-leather character to it as well. The word Primitivo doesn’t mean primitive in Italian, but actually means early ripening since these grapes accumulate a lot of sugar early in the season. The early ripening means resulting wines are big, luscious and full of fruit. However, what’s fascinating about Primitivo is that sometimes the grape bunches ripen unevenly, so green grapes will get harvested along with the ripe ones.

In the area around Castel del Monte, Bombino Nero makes rosés and red table wines with fresh, lively fruit. Verdeca is an important indigenous white grape of Puglia that makes aromatic and interesting wines despite its small plantings.

Puglia is decorated by its traditional “Trullo” huts


Teatro Latino, Primitivo Puglia IGP 2016

In the nose we get very rich notes of plums, ripe cherries and leather. The taste is very interesting and suprising. We get very fruity notes mixed with chocolate with very low acidity which leaves a little bit sweet sensation. This wine has medium and smooth finish.



Budget wines are always a bit of a gamble. This wine was especially suprisng for me. I have tasted a fair share of cheaper and more expensive wines but I did not expect this. Very rich yet smooth and fruity wine which suitable for many target groups. Puglia is definitely a region worth exploring.

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