Aia Vecchia, Vermentino 2016

House: Aia Vecchia

Name: Vermentino

Origin: Tuscany, Italy

Vintage: 2016

Price: 60 DKK/8 EUR/9,90 USD on (market price: 119 DKK/16 EUR/19,70 USD)


White wines of Italy

Italian white wines come in varieties that run from sparkling and sweet to smooth and fruity to crisp and dry. The following list describes each of the major Italian white wines. These are only few of the big wines. Italy has a lot of other wines to offer, such as Vermentino that I am tasting today.


These gorgeous terraced vineyards can be found in Liguria
  • Asti: Sparkling wine made from Moscato grapes around Asti, in Piedmont. Deliciously sweet, low in alcohol, with pronounced fruity and floral flavors. Usually non-vintage, but freshness and youth are essential to its quality.

  • Frascati: From the Frascati area, south of Rome, and mainly Trebbiano grapes. Dry or slightly off-dry, light-bodied, and un-oaked with crisp acidity and subdued flavor.

  • Gavi: Dry, medium-bodied wine from Cortese grapes in the Gavi area of Piedmont. Typically crisp and un-oaked (sometimes slightly oaky) with delicate notes of honey, apples, and minerals.

  • Orvieto: A generally medium-bodied wine made mainly from Grechetto grapes around Orvieto, in the Umbria region. Dry, crisp, with flavors of pear and apple and a pleasantly bitter finish.

  • Pinot Grigio: Generally light-bodied, dry, and crisp, with subdued aromas and flavors and no oakiness. Made from Pinot Gris grapes, usually in Northeastern Italy. Wines from Collio or Alto-Adige DOCs (controlled origin denomination) are usually the best.

  • Soave: From the Soave zone in the Veneto region, made mainly from Garganega grapes. Generally dry, crisp, un-oaked, and light- or medium-bodied, with subdued flavors of pear, apple, or peach.

  • Verdicchio: Dry, medium-bodied, crisp white with minerally flavor and a sea-air freshness. From Verdicchio grapes in the Marche region.

Even though Vermentino is traditionally Italian grape, it has made its way all over the world. Even to Lodi, California

Aia Vecchia, Vermentino 2016

The Vermentino I am tasting today consists of 95% Vermentino and 5% Viognier. In the nose we get tones of freshly cut grass and pink grapefruit. Even though the nose is quite light, this wine is quite intense in the mouth. We get mixed herbal tones with a hint of citrus fruits. Wine has smooth medium finish.



As with many wines on blog before, this was my first experience with Vermentino. Despite the fact, that this not my usual type of wine, I was quite impressed by the intense taste. This wine would be perfect will all kinds of seafood.

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